Life is business and most of us have very little time to excise and I don’t have the time is the number one excuse for not doing anything. But 5 minutes to spare you have right? so join me for my 5 minute series where you choose a program and do just 5 minutes a day or put a few together if you have a bit more time. These programs use your body only as the training tool and weight.

Release & relax

Balance is key to a healthy body so its equally important to slow down and to create space in your body for things to happen. This simple practice of releasing fascia allows muscles to tone, lengthen, toxins to move, circulation to improve and gives you overall posture and fitness gains. It’s a must do for anyone who wants to see a change in there body. As if you don’t create space for things to happen then not much happens. Join me for 5 minutes per day to do a simple fascial release or combine all five days for a 25min workout a week.


Cardio kickstart

Wake up and start your day the best way – moving! 5 mins each morning of cardiovascular exercise has been proven to really help with boosting your metabolism increasing serotonin and dopamine levels to make you feel great and have you burning calories straight away. Join me for 5 mins each morning ( no equipment necessary ) To get the heart pumping, blood moving, calories burning – start your day the right way. Or combine all 5 days for a 25min cardio workout.


1 step total body workout

You can find a step or stair anywhere right? This is all you need for a fantastic full body workout. Spend 5 mins each day joining me for an overall body workout to get you looking terrific, taught, trim, toned, functionally fit and strong. These sessions work the heart, lungs, upper and lower body and the abdominals. A total body overhaul in only 5 mins each day.


Upper body conditioning

Say good bye to the dingle dangle and tone tighten arms, strengthen and open the chest, retract the shoulders improve your posture and strengthen the entire upper body with these daily exercises taking only 5 mins each day (no equipment necessary). You could look at combing this with the lower body workout to work tone tighten and strengthen the entire body.


Tighten your core

It’s the most important area to learn how to engage, core strength will help to elevate back pain, align the hips and pelvis and draw the belly in giving a tight toned flat stomach. Who doesn’t want all those benefits? so join me 5 mins each day to learn the correct form and technique to activate, engage and strengthen your core muscle, small conscious pilates style abdominal exercises to focus on tightening toning and strengthening your centre. Or combine all 5 days for a 25mins killer core session in one go.